In 2014 we began the Kachimfya Program with just 12 students from the local community. Knowing that there was a need and hoping to inspire teens we began offering a business class every Friday. Throughout the hot summer months we tackled all kinds of topics on business and sweated our way through each class. By the end of the term 7 students had completed the course, while 5 dropped out. Disappointed but still hopeful we decided to open our doors to more youth and to offer them the chance to learn and acquire new skills and to teach them about Christ. 

In January 11, 2015 we opened our doors to the surrounding communities.  Within the first few months we had over 200 students. We began offering classes daily while utilizing different volunteers throughout the community to teach a variety of topics including: sewing, metal bending, business, agriculture, music & music production, personal finance, sexual prevention, food preparation, discipleship, computers, reading & writing, clubs and sports. Also, we require students to volunteer their time as a free service to our community in helping to keep it clean and making it a better place. 

We thank God for what He is doing because we know that in ourselves this would not have been possible. Because of YOU we have been able to reach a whole community of youth with the HOPE of Christ and teach them a skill to make a living. Each day we hear a new story about how this program has changed a life or given someone hope. Our goal is that each individual would know how valuable they really are and that through applying the knowledge and skills given to them in this program they will have the ability to change their future and that their lives will be transformed.


Classes We offer